In order to keep your employees and customers comfortable you need to rely on your HVAC system to work in all kinds of weather. That means routine maintenance and regular care packages you can rely on from specialists who know their job. How do you know you have the right technician?

Certifications and Licenses

Ask. Ask a lot of questions. Ask them about their qualifications. Ask for references and ask to talk directly with the technician. If you are still unsure, ask to see their licenses and certifications. HVAC training requires education and knowledge to provide safe, reliable service. This means attending classes. These seminars and specialty courses teach technicians the correct way to install, remove, and repair your heating and cooling systems.

Many manufacturers require technicians to attend their own certification classes. This ensures your technician has the training necessary to repair and install this particular HVAC unit. Without these classes, most companies will not certify a technician and it may void the manufacturer’s warranty. So, remember to talk to your representative and get the details. It will affect the cost of your maintenance and repairs in the future

Education and Skills

Many technicians have attended trade schools that specialize in HVAC services. They graduate with a degree or diploma in their field of expertise. This is important because it tells you that this company is serious about the quality of service they offer. They spend the time to make sure their employees have the right skills and knowledge necessary to work in the HVAC field.

Your business requires you to do the best you can. Ensure your HVAC technician does the same. Ask questions to protect your business and your workers. Contact Casto Technical, Inc. for a team of HVAC specialists that work just as hard as you do.