Building Automation Systems: Why choose Casto?

At Casto Technical Services, we believe in helping our customers understand and operate their BAS system. Whether the issue is occupant comfort or equipment productivity, we can deliver a system that helps you meet the needs of your building.

Integration Services:

Casto delivers integrated building automation systems. If you have multiple buildings or different brands of building automation systems, we can likely create one cohesive integrated system. This is a cost-effective solution that helps your operations staff maintain your building, while eliminating the stress of using multiple user interfaces for different systems. 

Remote Support:

Casto has a full-time remote support staff. They are the support team and “watchdogs” for our customers. They remotely monitor and maintain the building’s equipment. Most of the time, they can detect an issue before the building’s occupants take notice. When service is needed, our remote support team can troubleshoot the issue first. This can help reduce troubleshooting time and, at times, eliminate the need for an onsite technician. 

Energy Services:

Casto offers free energy consultations. During these consultations, we will evaluate the facility and utility bills. These plans may be a simple, no cost solution; equipment upgrades; load shedding; or something different.

Automation System Retrofits:

When an HVAC unit or building automation system needs updated, Casto can coffer several options to modernize the facility. We always offer customer-focused and open-source solutions, so you are never locked into any one product, vendor, or contractor.

Customer Training:

Casto believes in supplying our customers with the tools and information needed to make the best decisions for their facility. Casto offers “a la cart” training packages that include basic HVAC training, building automation training, manufacturer specific training, and more!

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