Energy Optimization

Here at Casto Technical Services, Inc., we believe in saving energy. Our highly-trained and skilled building automation technicians and resources can evaluate your building and save you money. In many cases, saving thousands of dollars off of your annual energy spending. Those savings can free up capital to invest in other parts of your facility. 

Watch the video for more information on how we can improve your building performance and reduce your energy spend.


We will help you to identify:

  • Where you are in your current energy spend
  • Where you want to be in your energy spend
  • How to get where you need to be
  • If it is time to make upgrades to your facility 

Casto gathers and analyzes data to determine the efficiency of your building. By collecting a two-year history of the energy usage of your building, we can establish an energy baseline. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get the process started.

Benchmark – How are you doing?

What is your Energy Star Score?  Let Casto help you find out!

energy star - Energy Optimization - Casto Technical - Building Automation System

An energy star score is a score given to a building using a 1-100 score method.  It allows you to understand where your building’s energy use is compared to similar buildings nationwide.  The higher the score, the more energy-efficient your building is performing.

How do we do it?

Casto uses a third-party verification company for benchmarking.  After collecting the energy history of the building, we send it to the verification company to review and provide the buildings Energy Star rating.

Which than allows us to analyze the building for improvements.

Analyze – Are there opportunities for improvement?

Energy efficiency- Energy Optimization - Casto Technical - Building Automation System

After the benchmarking process is complete, Casto will identify energy strategies that will reduce energy consumption while preserving building comfort by:

  • Providing a report that captures operational inefficiencies with regard to scheduling, set points, outside air control, simultaneous heating and cooling, calibration issues, and defective components.
  • We will perform a building walk-through to look at building equipment, current building control capabilities, and talk to building personnel to get an idea of what low cost energy savings opportunities exist in the building
  • Perform a night time facility walk through to look for operational conditions consuming too much energy

Implementing – Building Tune Up


The next step….

Based on the results of the Benchmarking and Analysis, repairs and/or modifications to the system may be recommended.  A proposal for a building tune up will be developed for review by the facility manager and owner.

Most often the corrective measures are low cost and upon implementing the corrective measures, most buildings receive a financial payback.

Maintaining – Continue to improve and sustain savings

engineered solution - Energy Optimization - Casto Technical - Building Automation SystemAnd finally, maintaining…

To help you continue your building savings, performance must be maintained.

  • Casto Technical staff will proactively assess the current operation of HVAC equipment for efficiency and, where appropriate, modify the sequence of operation through enhanced control strategies.
  • Casto Technical will review the Energy Management System to minimize software problems that might negatively impact its performance.
  • We will work to identify and correct programming errors, failed points, points in alarm, and points that have been overridden. System software optimization improves system efficiency, assures compliance to specified conditions, and reduces the risk of costly and disruptive system problems.
  • Sequence of operation verification and validation assures the systems are operating optimally and as intended. During this assessment, unreleased manual overrides are discovered, scheduling discrepancies are corrected, and appropriate control set point values are evaluated.
  • Our trained control specialists are available to assist your staff via our online internet help desk. Allowing for more quick and efficient help and response times.