Heating and cooling is a significant expense for large buildings. Many business owners are interested in lowering their heating and cooling costs but aren’t sure how to do so. Here are some ways to save on those costs:

Purchase New Heating and Cooling Equipment

Today’s equipment is much more efficient than older systems. While an initial investment is needed, monthly heating and cooling costs will drop significantly.

Service Current Equipment

If your building’s heating and cooling system hasn’t been serviced recently, doing so many also significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs by keeping your equipment functioning as efficiently as possible. Clogged ducts are not only a fire hazard, they also keep air from flowing properly through the system.

Improve Current Equipment

Depending on the equipment in place, there may be improvements that can be made to make your equipment function more efficiently.

Install Smart Meters

Smart meters can connect with your computer system and allow business owners to control temperatures around the clock and adjust them as needed for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Participate in Government Rebate and Incentive Programs

Depending on the improvements made to your building, your business may qualify for rebates or lowered energy fees to help with the cost of installation/repair. Be sure and read the fine print and make sure to fulfill the conditions needed to qualify. For example the Energy Incentive Programs, West Virginia offers several programs to help businesses become more efficient, but it’s important to choose the correct one, depending on your area and energy reduction goals.