DSE_Cam-1_007Your building automation systems need to be integrated to a wide variety of different devices that are going to change and be updated on a regular basis. That’s why we use the Niagara AX Framework; it’s an open system that doesn’t lock you into proprietary software and can be adapted to fit your ongoing needs.

With Niagara AX, you get a complete automation framework that eliminates common issues with device compatibility and the need to run a patchwork of many different systems to get your whole building under control. Niagara’s web-based interface allows you to view and control the totality of your building’s systems through any computer and through most mobile devices.

And you can do all this without being locked into one vendor. Bring your own devices and smart systems, and Niagara’s open structure will accommodate them. Niagara can start with your existing building automation systems as a base and then make any necessary additions over time, regardless of the devices you want to introduce.

Casto’s building automation system represents true and full interoperability.