Serving Wheeling, West Virginia & the Surrounding Areas

Casto Technical Services, Inc., is a commercial HVAC services business headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia. We are proud to serve Charleston businesses and surrounding areas, including Wheeling, West Virginia.

As the former capital of West Virginia and a town centered around Fort Henry, Casto recognizes that there is a rich history engulfed in the City of Wheeling. From the Eckhart House, Capitol Theatre, and Grave Creek Mound, to West Virginia Independence Hall, National Imperial Glass Museum, and The Museums of Oglebay Institute, Wheeling, West Virginia has impressively preserved its historical buildings and architecture.

As a locally owned and operated family business with over 50 years of experience serving business owners and operators, we believe in a work-life balance. Whether it’s visiting the Good Zoo, shopping at Centre Market, or exploring Grand Vue Park, we understand the importance of quality family time after hours and on the weekends, too. 

Casto Technical is dedicated to the commercial HVAC industry by holding the Casto team accountable for providing quality, honest, efficient, cost-effective customer service. We’re excited to have technicians and employees living and working in Wheeling, West Virginia representing the Casto team. If your commercial business is in need of HVAC assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need HVAC help? Serving Wheeling, West Virginia & the Surrounding Areas