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What is an HVAC System?

The term HVAC¹ is an acronym, meaning “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” When people talk about an HVAC system, they’re usually talking about something that can control the internal environment or climate of a building. 

The purpose of an HVAC system is to enable people to change the interior temperature of a room by either raising it above ambient levels or make it cooler than the outside temperature. HVAC systems not only do the job of boilers on a winter’s day by providing heating, but they also do the same as refrigerators by letting off coolness during the summer. 

How Do HVAC Systems Work? 

Most HVAC systems combine two different technologies: heating systems and air conditioning units. Heating systems work by heating water in a boiler and then pumping warm water through a series of radiators into the building. The heaters then warm up, transferring the heat energy into the water of the atoms and molecules in the air. 

Air conditioning works by removing heat from the building. Air conditioning systems take air from the outside, using a compressor unit to cool it down, and then pump it through a unit into a room. Some air conditioning systems use a lot of ventilation pipes, hence the ventilation part of HVAC. Others use a small hole in the wall, allowing air to pass into the building. 

Both sections are usually controlled from a single panel or terminal, allowing the HVAC system  to work out which to use, depending on the user input. The user selects the temperature that they desire, then the HVAC will use either system to achieve it, depending on the outdoor temperature. 

The Importance Of HVAC Systems

In the past, most homes and business premises had small gaps around their doors, windows, and roof tiles that allowed air to flow in and out naturally. Over time, builders realized that these gaps weren’t particularly helpful, meaning that people had to spend more money on heating than necessary. Therefore, buildings became more airtight.

This change in building standards² led to the need for active ventilation that could exchange old air in the interior of the building for fresh air from outside. Ventilation uses a series of fans to draw in the fresh air, filter it, and then deposit it into interior spaces. The so-called “handling unit” removes dust and bacteria from the air, allowing people inside a building to avoid breathing in vast quantities of pollution. 

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