Energy Star

Running a brick-and-mortar commercial business can be quite an expensive affair, so it’s unsurprising that many commercial business owners are looking for ways to save money without negatively impacting the quality of goods or services they’re offering their customers. One of the simplest and most effective ways to cut costs without affecting customer satisfaction is to look into ways that businesses can be Saving Energy. Find out How we can help below.

Energy Audits
The first step business owners should take when they want to Reduce electrical costs is to schedule an energy audit. This can help them to evaluate their current energy spending and to determine a reasonable path from there to where they want to be in terms of energy spending. This gives them the chance to identify strategies that can help Improve efficiency.

Repairs and Modifications
Once areas of high spending have been identified, a professional can suggest repairs and modifications to the building’s current system that can help business owners with Saving Energy over the course of the coming years. This may include setting up timers for computers, monitors, printers, and appliances, installing motion detectors and automatic dimmers for lights, or making the switch to CFL or LED bulbs. Most of the improvements that can be made to electrical systems to Make your building better are actually quite affordable, so there’s no reason not to get started on this process today.

Energy Management Systems
Energy management software systems can be extremely beneficial when it comes to helping business owners save money on their monthly bills. These systems do require periodic maintenance in order to ensure that they are operating as intended, though. Choosing to work with an energy optimization company that can provide these on-going services makes it easier for business owners to continue to cut costs as time goes by.

Reduce Demand Charges
Demand charges are usually calculated on top of the normal utility charges for commercial buildings. They are calculated based on the company’s highest 15-minute average usage over the course of the month, so facilities that tend to use tons of power over short periods of time tend to have higher demand charges. There are several ways to combat this problem, including the implementation of energy storage solutions, investing in a commercial solar system, or simply reducing peak demand via the installation of energy-efficient equipment and the rescheduling of energy-intensive activities.