Just in Time for Warmer Weather! 

Your commercial HVAC unit or system had a tough job on its hands over the winter. It kept your building’s occupants warm, even when the temperatures outside fell well below freezing. But now that warmer weather is near, it is the perfect time to do a little HVAC spring cleaning and prepare your system for the changing temperatures once again. 

Spring cleaning is an integral part of the operation of commercial heating and cooling. These systems, like many other intricate pieces of equipment, need regular service and repairs to keep them working efficiently. If you stay on top of the issues each season, you will often save money on long-term repair expenses. It is much more cost-effective to do preventative maintenance than it is to perform HVAC repairs.

Why You Should Spring Clean Your HVAC Unit After The Winter 

Winter is a tough time for your HVAC system. The heating component has had to provide warmth to your entire building, day after day, and has worked extremely hard. You must check that all of its parts are still in good working order. 

During the winter, you rarely need to use the air conditioning component of your system. The vents and compressors sit idle, not doing much. However, these components can collect dirt and grime, which is why many businesses use commercial HVAC companies to do a little spring cleaning for them.

Identifying leaks and cleaning out dirt along ducting can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. What’s more, it is incredibly important. Failing to identify leaks and dirt in your ducting can make the atmosphere of your building feel hot, humid, and uncomfortable. HVAC service technicians can inspect your ducting for problems and then take steps to remedy them, either by replacing the ducting or professionally cleaning it so that it looks and feels like new. 

Spring Is The Perfect Time For Maintenance: Here’s What To Do

The spring is, in many ways, the perfect time of year for a spot of maintenance. During the spring, temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. Often, businesses can avoid using their HVAC systems altogether, providing a vital window of opportunity to do some spring cleaning. 

What Does Spring Cleaning Involve?  

  • Coil Cleaning: Condenser coils are in direct contact with outdoor air and contaminants. Therefore, they are highly prone to the quick accumulation of dirt and debris. Not cleaning the coils can result in efficiency loss and potentially system failure. 
  • Changing the furnace filter: The furnace filter protects the interior from contaminants that could cause it to degrade. After a long winter of continual operation, however, it might be a little dirty. Swapping it out for a new one is essential. 
  • Testing the air conditioning: Air conditioning units that haven’t been used for a while can be temperamental. It’s worth checking them before the summer arrives to identify any possible issues. 
  • Cleaning outdoor areas around air conditioning units: Exterior AC units are exposed to seasonal elements as well as twigs and leaves. By sweeping debris away from the system, you help protect it for the long term. 
  • Performing duct inspections: Duct inspections can help you identify issues with your ducting and be repaired as needed by a technician.

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