Casto-Blog-How-Air-quality-Relates-to-Education-picCasto Technical, Inc. is committed to improving the indoor air quality for our children and teachers. Over the years, our communities have grown and prospered with little understanding of the impact the air quality has on our children’s ability to grow and learn in a healthy environment.

A study completed by Frontiers of Human Neuroscience has shown that increased air quality reduces stress to the brain. This allows children and teenagers to concentrate better in class and retain information easier. Improved information retention helps students achieve more and score higher on tests and quizzes.

Many students today have issues with chronic asthma or respiratory ailments due to contaminants in the air they breathe. Closed, confined buildings will allow bacteria to populate and spread the dust that aggravates breathing conditions. Routinely changing filters or upgrading airflow systems will increase the air quality our students breathe. This reduces absences and increases grade performance.

Another side of this issue is behavior. Some studies have indicated that poor air circulation increases environmental stress on children and teachers. Proper airflow provides a cleaner, healthier environment for the faculty to work in while protecting our children and teens. This helps to improve moods and relieves some of the stress.

Improved behavior, attentive students, and better learning retention are important factors to increasing the quality of education. Better air quality can aid in reducing the stress that affects our children and impedes their learning. Contact Castro Technical, Inc. for a reliable inspection of your air flow units and get your filters replaced on a regular basis for improved air quality in your local schools and educational institutes.