While HVAC problems can certainly occur during warm weather, it seems the area’s coldest weather brings out unique issues not common during the summer. The region’s top experts understand the importance of dealing with frozen pipes and other HVAC Challenges during the coldest weather. If you’ve experienced weather-related issues in the past or are concerned about the impact of winter weather this year, now is the time to contact the experts for advice.

Dealing With Common HVAC Problems During Cold Weather
There are numerous cold weather problems HVAC experts see every year. Rather than risk damage or being without an HVAC system when it’s needed most, heating and cooling professionals recommend contacting a technician for help before a problem develops. The region’s top HVAC professionals will inspect a system to uncover issues that might not be obvious to the property owner.

  • Dirty Filters. Even though changing filters should be a routine maintenance step, a huge percentage of both residential and Commercial HVAC systems are operated with dirty filters. It’s simply too easy for people to overlook this type of maintenance as they’re dealing with life’s daily issues.
  • Faulty Thermostats. Another common issue both commercial and residential property owners experience is thermostats that don’t function properly. They may not activate the heating system correctly or allow system cycling that’s inefficient. Ask the technician about the advanced thermostats now available to make better use of the existing heating system.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks. Every winter, there are news stories about people overcome by carbon monoxide. This threat is real and should always be a concern for any type of property owner. If carbon monoxide detectors are not installed, now is the time to correct that issue. If a carbon monoxide detector is activated, it vitally important to leave the property and contact the experts for advice. An HVAC technician can generally isolate the problem quickly and suggest ways to resolve the issue.

Of course, there are other HVAC issues that develop in homes and businesses throughout the area. Contact an HVAC professional for advice or help to prevent issues or take care of existing ones.

Start Today
Rather than waiting for a major problem to develop, industry experts recommend being proactive and scheduling an HVAC system inspection now. A system check is inexpensive and is an important step for keeping anyone in a building safe during the area’s winter months.