It has been estimated that utility and energy bills can make up 19% of a facility’s operating budget, and 30% of a building’s energy usage is unnecessary or inefficient.

Can you afford that?

Commercial business buildings and energy savings appear to be two phrases which stand worlds apart.

But astronomical amounts of money spent on energy requirements is a necessary component of day to day operational expenses for the business owner, right?

It needn’t be that way. Energy optimization for commercial business owners is certainly possible and obtainable.

Install Smart-Meter-Enabled Tools

It’s time to address the energy issue before your energy costs escalate further. You don’t have any control over the cost of fuel, electricity, or gas, but you do have control over how your business manages its use of energy resources.

And a little control can be an excellent attribute when it comes to energy optimization. Energy optimization solutions are probably easier than you think.

The installation of smart-meter-enabled tools adds instant value to your energy management processes.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how often it’s overlooked. Let’s face it, the energy companies aren’t about to come forward and tell you that you’re probably using too much energy.

As a business owner, the onus is on you to find ways to make energy savings. And why shouldn’t the money be in your pocket? Reputable studies have shown that HVAC system maintenance saves energy.

Check Appliances for Efficiency

When was the last time you checked the efficiency of the refrigerator in the lunch room or the old fan heater in the reception area?

Unseen energy usage from unused microwaves, toasters, and non-essential machinery and appliances are a drain on energy consumption and business profitability.

If you don’t need it, switch it off.

Upgrade or replace outdated equipment. Modern machinery and appliances are designed to be energy efficient.

Upgrade Equipment

You may be surprised to find that a full new installation of energy efficient building maintenance and automation systems is not always necessary.

Often, building owners discover that upgrades and retrofits can be made to existing systems to achieve instantaneous energy optimization.

Which means even the most budget-conscious building owners may find a workable solution which results in energy savings. An upgrade to your current system, along with regular maintenance, may be the formula you need for energy optimization.

Commercial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an excellent means to control building heating and cooling, and their modern designs are energy efficient.

Escalating energy costs are not outside of your control.

Ask Energy Optimization Experts for Help!

Whether your concern is heating, cooling, or automation, energy optimization solutions are available for your business, and the experienced teamat Casto Technical Services are experts in the field.

Casto Technical Services have been in business for half a century. You don’t spend 50 years in the trade without learning a thing or two about energy consumption, usage, and optimization.

Take the first step towards controlling your energy costs and feel the power. Contact Casto Technical Servicestoday.


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