Energy & Intelligent Services

Energy Intelligence Services

As the internet and communication evolves, so does Casto.  We take pride in knowing our Energy & Intelligent Services are top notch and cutting edge.  Before building automation, a technician would be dispatched to locate the problem if an event occurred.  If an event is reported to Casto, by a customer with a building automation system in place, we often can assess the event remotely and take the appropriate actions to get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

Problems are not the only reason to use Casto’s Energy & Intelligent services.  We want to turn your building into a High Performance Building. Gathering data from your building automation system (BAS) we turn it into recommendations that increases building efficiency and usage. Think of this as “Big Data” and “The Cloud” meet your facility. The end results for you are increased productivity for your team and the building occupants, lower maintenance and energy costs, and sustainable operation of your facility.

Alarm Notification

  • What needs to be monitored and alarmed?
  • Getting alarms into the right hands quickly
  • Archiving of alarms for diagnostics

Active Monitoring and Response Planning

  • Taking alarm notification to the next level – now what do we do?
  • Diagnostics and analysis by a systems specialist
  • Remote remediation if possible
  • Intelligent mobilization of owner’s personnel or Casto Tech’s service technicians
  • Alarm documentation and logging

Analytics and Energy Monitoring

  • Answers the question: How is my building doing?
  • Energy benchmarking
  • System-wide analysis and assessment
  • Periodic or continuous analysis by analytics software and a systems specialist
  • Results driven and actionable recommendations from the Casto Team
  • Systems optimization and energy savings recommendations