Most people know the importance of changing air filters in an HVAC unit. But did you know that there are serious risks if those filters go unchanged for too long? Here’s what you need to know.

Risk #1 – System Efficiency:
Dirty filters make your system work harder. When filters are clogged with dust, particles, and dirt, it makes it difficult for your HVAC unit to pull fresh air through the other side. Not only does this decrease the unit’s efficiency, but it increases the amount of energy used. Clean air filters will save you money

Risk #2 – Air Quality:
If air filters get too dirty, hazardous materials can build up in the duct system, and in extreme cases, get released into the air. If excessive dust, pollen, and other hazardous particles gets released into the air, it can compromise your health. Inhalation of these particles can lead to irritated eyes, congestion, and headaches. In short, clean air filters are good for your health.

Risk #3 – Fire Hazard:
When you think about dirty air filters, a fire threat probably doesn’t cross your mind. But did you know that in severe cases, filters can become so clogged that the filter becomes sucked into the system? When this happens, your unit becomes a fire hazard, putting your building and the people in it at risk. Clean air filters not only keep your unit running, but they help keep you safe.
As you can see, changing air filters on a regular basis is necessary. Call a qualified Casto technician today to ensure your HVAC units are up to date on their preventative maintenance.