Carrier OptiClean – Air Scrubber System

Helping Hospitals and Health Care Organizations cope with COVID-19

Carrier OptiClean - Indoor Air Scrubber System

To assist hospitals in treating patients with COVID-19, Carrier launched a negative air machine called “OptiClean.”  OptiClean is a portable device that isolates, cleans, and removes air that is potentially contaminated by the virus. In a closed room, the machine uses HEPA filters, an air management system to remove coronavirus and other contaminates, and flexible ducting to exhaust the filtered air.

Carrier OptiClean – Indoor Air Scrubbers


  • 97% efficient long-life HEPA filter removes particles as small as .03 microns.
  • Standard MERV 7 or higher pre-filter locally available.
  • Minimum 500 CFM.
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 170: Ventilation of Health Care Facilities.
  • Vertical design for smaller footprint compared to many competitors.
  • Portable and adaptable to nearly any location.
  • Heavy-duty locking casters for easy and smooth transport.
  • HELP filter rack and sealing design meet air leakage requirement.
  • Red lighted indicator to alert user when filters are overloaded (generally, means pre-filter requires replacement).
  • Green On/Off switch illuminates to verify when running.
  • 10-foot long power cord with strain relief.
  • 115V
  • Galvanized steel, pre-painted cabinet is fully insulated.
  • Exhaust transition plate to standard 10-inch round duct included.
  • One-year limited warranty
Carrier OptiClean - Indoor Air Scrubbers