Proper maintenance is the only way to keep a Boiler system working the way it should. Professional installation, routine upkeep, and expert Repair services go a long way in ensuring a system’s smooth operation. However, it’s important to remember that, even with great care, the system will eventually need to be replaced. Below are several signs a system may need a Refresh.

It’s Old
When a system is well cared for, it may last 15 years or more. Even if it hasn’t yet reached this age, it may be wise to consider an upgrade if there are any problems. Within the last decade, technological advances have allowed these systems to become more efficient than ever.

A Foul Odor
An unpleasant or unfamiliar smell is a sign that shouldn’t be ignored. It may indicate a gas leak or an issue with the unit’s ventilation system. In either case, get the unit checked out immediately.

A leak is another symptom that requires prompt attention. Leaks not only cause substantial property damage, they show there’s something seriously wrong inside the unit. Furthermore, if the system is losing water, it can’t possibly work as smoothly as it should.

Inconsistent Temperatures
Is the water usually hotter or colder than it’s supposed to be? If so, there’s likely a problem with the heating system. Water may not be circulating correctly, which means that it can’t heat the building consistently.

High Energy Bills
While winter will certainly bring higher utility bills as the system is used more, significant year-to-year increases point to a problem. If this year’s average bill is much higher than last year’s, it may be time to replace the entire Heating system.

Frequent Repairs
Any of these issues, except age, can be resolved with a repair. However, you shouldn’t have to call for service too often. If customers find themselves calling for repairs several times a season and the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, replacement may be the economical solution.

Boilers are designed to provide years of service, but like all other machines, they fail eventually. To get the system up and running again as soon as possible, call for emergency service and routine maintenance.

6 signs it's time to replace boiler