Benefits of Building Automaton ServicesBuilding automation services can save you money, improve the value of your property, and improve the safety and comfort of your work environment.

What Is Building Automation?

Building automation involves making your building smarter. Lights, heating, air conditioning, and security all work through a central hub to give the administrator control so businesses can monitor and increase efficiency. Building automation involves first evaluating energy use. Most buildings have times of peak occupancy when energy usage is high.

Smart thermostats can regulate levels to keep the temperature and humidity within an optimal range while the building is occupied. Lights can be turned off or dimmed. Security systems can be activated remotely or on a timer. They can be set to ensure the right person is notified if there’s an issue.

Casto Tech can identify the hours when energy is used most and where cutbacks can be made. We can then use network electronic devices to control, regulate, and monitor energy use for maximum efficiency. Casto Tech focuses on making your building more comfortable and saving you money in the process.

Immediate Benefits

Building automation reduces energy use by an average of 15 percent. This could lower your utility costs by an average of $.20 to $.40 per square foot. Take a second to calculate what those savings would look like for your business.

  • Your building becomes more comfortable. When a building remains at a consistent temperature, employees feel at ease and are able to be more productive.
  • Improve your property value. If you decide to sell the property where your business currently resides, its energy efficiency will attract prospective buyers. Improve your net operating income by reducing energy costs.
  • Simplify monitoring. Stop wondering if someone left the air in their office cranked all the way down or forgot to activate the security system when they went home for the night. Building automation allows you to see in real time what’s happening in your building.

Casto Tech can show you how to access that data on whatever device you choose so you can utilize the technology you already own.

Future Profits

When you use computer technology to increase efficiency and eliminate waste, your business saves money that you can put to use elsewhere. Most companies recoup the cost of building automation within the first few years, so the investment quickly pays for itself. Future savings can be used to make your business more successful. Consider the following ways you can cut expenses:

  • Newer equipment costs less to operate and maintain.
  • Greater efficiency means your equipment lasts longer.
  • Less frequent repairs and replacements keeps cash in your pocket.
  • Employee productivity improves. Attract qualified employees by providing a comfortable workplace. People work most efficiently when temperature and air quality are kept at high standards. In contrast, when equipment malfunctions and has to be repaired or replaced, productive time is lost.
  • Keep your building secure. Some building automation systems leave businesses vulnerable to attack. Casto Tech uses security features in our products to keep hackers and cybercriminals from accessing your building’s environment.

Building automation can be a fantastic investment. From energy efficiency to security, these systems can keep an enterprise safe and optimized while lowering some expenses. Contact Casto Tech today for more information about these technologies.