Why is backflow testing so important, you may ask?

If you are a property owner, the question of backflow prevention is one to consider. This is because you don’t want your family to ingest dangerous wastewater.

Here, we are going to illustrate why prevention testing is important.

What Is BackFlow?

In the simplest terms, it’s the unfortunate reversal of water that is then carried away from its intended direction in a plumbing system.

You can’t drink this kind of dirty water, so you need to have a backflow device that you check on annually.

Even the smallest contaminates are harmful if ingested.

You need to inquire about cross-connection control to prevent the two waters from combining.

Eliminate the cross-contamination by participating in methods of prevention.

How Do Backflows Happen?

Sometimes private plumbing systems and public plumbing systems intersect. When the public water system

Irrigation systems that cities put into place rely on these prevention devices to protect the public water from contamination problems.

Some places that have these types of devices are swimming pools.

When water pressure fails, backflow can occur because fire hydrants are accidently opened or pipes freeze.

Having a device in place will ensure that debris will not enter the water system at any time.

What Can I Do To Enable Successful Backflow Prevention?

  1. Make sure you have a working prevention device
  2. Have a professional contractor test your device on an annual basis using a prevention assembly tester
  3. Make sure your devices are up to code and are not malfunctioning

What Does the Backflow Device Do?

Using a device will keep potable separated from any contamination that can occur when backflow happens.

These devices have valves that protect against back-siphonage and backpressure from contaminated water.

Backflow devices are useful for both private water systems and public water systems in residential, business, industrial, and commercial areas, so they need to be working properly at all times.

Stay Up To Date

Always ensure that your backflow device is on target with city codes.

By staying up to code, you can eliminate any possible cross-connections between public and private water.

  • For even more in-depth knowledge about how you can protect drinking water, visit the American Backflow Prevention Association’s website.

The main goal of the American Backflow Prevention Association is to provide residents with clean drinking water that has not been contamination in any shape or form.

In Conclusion

It is necessary to follow these steps for the cleanest drinking water available in your city.

Hopefully you are now aware of why these devices are important to maintain.

More Information

So you have a backflow prevention device installed, but is your valve malfunctioning?

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Clean drinking water is possible by installing and checking up on your HVAC system on a regular basis.

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