As a business owner, you’re probably used to handling most problems yourself. But there are some issues that should be left to the experts. Your commercial HVAC service is one of them.

While it may be tempting to try to service your HVAC yourself, this can make the problem worse. Read on to learn about the signs that show you need a commercial HVAC service:

Time for a Commercial HVAC Service?

Commercial HVAC systems are placed under more stressed than home units. They’re heating and cooling much larger spaces, and are usually housed in buildings with windows that don’t open. That means they’re controlling the temperature every single day.

Here are some signs that you may need a commercial HVAC service:

1. The Temperature is Fluctuating

If your employees complain that some rooms are too cold or too hot, you may have a zone control issue. This means that your HVAC system may be having problems with its thermostats and zone dampers.

This is because commercial systems have multiple thermostats which control many different areas. Check the vents in each room to see if they’re blocked or closed, and take a look at the thermostat settings before calling for service.

2. There’s a Weird Smell

If you or your staff members have noticed that the office smells musty or moldy, you could have a break or leak in the ventilation system. This needs to be sealed by an expert.

You may also notice a burning smell, which usually means the unit is having electrical or motor problems. These burnt out parts will also need to be repaired by an expert.

3. You Have Condensation on the Windows

If you notice condensation on the windows, it means the air is too humid. Your HVAC system should be controlling the humidity levels and absorbing moisture and heat from the air within the building.

If your building has more moisture than usual, it’s important to discover the root of the problem before you end up with water damage and mold.

4. Your Bills Have Increased

If you’ve noticed that your energy bill has suddenly spiked, it’s a big sign that you may need a commercial HVAC service.

This can be due to a number of different issues. You may have a problem within the unit itself or you could have a thermostat problem. Thermostats will sometimes lose connection to their main unit, which may contribute to high utility bills.

You can expect a moderate change in your bill as the seasons change. But if you begin receiving unusually high bills it’s a sign that your unit is functioning inefficiently. You could have dust build-up within the air ducts, a dirty air filter, or a number of other issues which can be fixed by a technician.

5. There’s an Annoying Sound

HVAC systems that need servicing will often make annoying sounds such as clanking, humming, buzzing, or clicking.

This can be disruptive for your employees and can also impact visiting vendors or clients.

Annoying sounds can be due to a number of things- you could have a broken blower motor, a bent fan blade, or a few loose screws. A technician can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it.

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